Proposed Amendments to Ajapeu Lodge 2 Operating Procedures
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Apr 21-23, 2017
Ajapeu Lodge 2 April Ordeal Weekend

Proposed Amendments to Ajapeu Lodge 2 Operating Procedures

At its meeting on March 30, 2017, the Ajapeu Lodge 2 Executive Committee voted to refer several amendments to the Ajapeu Lodge 2 Operating Procedures to the whole lodge for final approval.

You can review the changes here: Operating Procedures Proposed Changes 2017-04-23.pdf

What are the Ajapeu Lodge 2 Operating Procedures?

The operating procedures ensure consistent application of rules regarding officer elections, membership, and other organizational responsibilities.  Some of these rules are required by national OA policy.  Most of these rules are established and subject to amendment by the lodge.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposed amendments generally cover election procedures for lodge and chapter officers.  In summary, the proposed amendments would:

  • Allow chapters to have more than two of its members serve as officers if no other member is willing or able to serve.
  • Clarify the deadline to submit nomination petitions.
  • Alter the election procedures for Lodge Second and Third Vice Chiefs
  • Clarify the line of succession to Lodge Chief
  • Require mid-term vacancies to be advertised before they are filled
  • Permit the entire chapter membership to vote on replacements for mid-term vacancies in chapter offices

How do I cast my vote?

The proposed amendments will be taken up at the April Ordeal Weekend.  All lodge members under the age of 21 are encouraged to exercise their right to vote.  Ordeal Candidates will be full members by the time of the weekend and those under 21 will also be able to cast a vote.  You must register in order to attend.  Click on the orange "Register" button above to register for the weekend.

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