Hunterdon Arrowhead District
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Hunterdon Arrowhead District

The Hunterdon Arrowhead District serves all of Hunterdon County, NJ.

Please visit our Facebook GroupExternal Link.  Don't forget to join the group!

HAD was JTE: Silver-2014, GOLD-2015, Silver-2016, GOLD-2017!

District Headlines

Merit Badge Counselor Training

Starting in 2015, all Merit Badge Counselors need to be trained. This flier provides a schedule of upcoming training.

Raffles for 2017 RoundTable

We have been promised 4 $20 gift cards, and are looking for other donated items to raffle off at the 2017-2018 roundtables. If you have something to donate, or can point me to someone who does, please contact me at --John Burgess, District Commissioner

HAD Monthly Roundtable

SECOND Wednesday of the month 7:30 PM at the North Hunterdon Regional High School (NHHS) Cafeteria, 1445 State Route 31 South Annandale, NJ 08801.
All Adult leaders are encouraged to come for free training and networking with your fellow scouters. (And read the news article about the new monthly raffle!)

Exceptions: October 2016, due to Yom Kippur, will be at NHHS on 10/19 instead,
December 2016 will be at Flemington Presbyterian Church, and
June 2017 will be at Deer Path Park.

HAD Commissioner Staff Meeting

FIRST Wednesday of the month, 6:45 PM before the District Committee Meeting at North Hunterdon High School in the Faculty Dining Room

HAD District Committee Meeting

FIRST Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM at North Hunterdon High School in the Faculty Dining Room.
We would like each unit to send a representative to every District Committee Meeting, so that we can consider every unit's needs, and you can take back district plans to your unit.

Exceptions include September 2016 (NHHS Back to school night; we will meet at the Clinton Country Griddle, instead).

Hunterdon Arrowhead District Documents

District Leadership

HAD has 3 Google Groups where anyone can post and receive Scouting related announcements and discuss topics. They are private; you must subscribe and be approved to see and send messages. That means its impossible for outside spam to get in.

Please keep postings on topic. While the groups are not moderated - that is, everything you post immediately goes to everyone on the list - if someone abuses the privilege, we have the right to remove your ability to post.

Sign up now for any or all lists to stay informed.  You do not have to have a google login; any email address will work. It doesn't have to be a "gmail" address, and you don't have to use it for anything else but these groups.

HAD Cub Scout Leaders:
for anything about Cub Scouting
Visit this groupExternal Link

HAD Reminder Service
In addition to the email groups we also have a Text Message (SMS) service to notify you when a Round Table needs to be cancelled or relocated (e.g., in case of a snow storm). To sign up for this service:
  • use the phone you wish notified
  • open your text messaging app
  • send the message @HADRT (don't forget to include the '@')
  • to the number 81010 (Yes, I know it's only 5 digits)
  • It will respond with a request for your name.
  • reply with your name
  • You're in!

This service is anonymous. As administrator, all I see is your names, not your phone numbers.  And you can unsubscribe at any time.

We have a similar reminder service for the District Committee.  Follow the instructions above, but instead of @HADRT, send @wcchadc, instead.

HAD Boy Scout Leaders:
for any Boy Scout related topics.
Visit this groupExternal Link

HAD District Committee:
for the district committee, commissioners, and other district business
Visit this groupExternal Link


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