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Get Ready to Build an Adventure!

Hiking.  Archery.  Rockets.  Building race cars.  Sitting around a campfire.  These are just a few elements of an adventure.

An adventure is an exciting or remarkable experience.  In Scouting, your son will have the chance to build one of his own!

Scouting offers your son the chance to engage in exciting activities like sports, camping, fishing, swimming, and so much more.  Along the way, he'll meet kids he'll grow up with and grow into a wholesome young man.

The values taught by Scouting are timeless.  The activities keep children engaged.  The experiences will last a lifetime.

Does Scouting Work?

Scouting was put to the test over the course of three years, when a research team from Tufts University worked with Scouts in the Philadelphia region to measure the character attributes of both Scouts and non-Scouts — all with a goal of better understanding the character development of youth as it was happening. The project, which was funded by the John Templeton Foundation and led by Dr. Richard M. Lerner, surveyed nearly 1,800 Cub Scouts and nearly 400 non-Scouts under age 12 using both interviews and survey data.

Key Findings

The more time kids spend in Scouting, the better the outcomes in character development. Those who attend Scout meetings regularly reported higher outcomes in six key categories as opposed to those Scouts reporting lower attendance. Scouts are more likely to embrace positive social values than non-Scouts. The more engaged a Scout is in the program, the higher the outcome in those six key categories. The best way to learn about the promise of Scouting is to see it for yourself. 

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