Announcing the *NEW* Camp Card Program
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Announcing the *NEW* Camp Card Program

The Camp Card program materials will be available mid-April.  This unique fundraising opportunity is a $10 discount card sold by Scouts with 50% of the proceeds retained by the unit for use toward camp and other Scouting activities.

The customers purchasing cards could save money on things they regularly purchase or discounts at restaurants or venues they regularly visit.  Our partner vendors see new or increased shopping and traffic from customers all while our Scouting units receive support for their Scouts to attend camp and other activities.

The Camp Card Program features:

  • No up-front cost to units
  • Minimal risk to units
  • 50% commission for units ($5/card)
  • More than $300 value in discounts on each card from 12 national, regional, and local offers.
  • Customers have access to more than 200,000 additional offers via mobile app
  • Enables units to ensure all Scouts have the opportunity to attend a Scout Summer Camp experience

Camp Card Sale Timeline:

  • Sale kick-off and Card Distribution at your District’s March Roundtable
  • Sales begin late April
  • Unsold cards and money (less 50% of total sales) due to the Washington Crossing Council by late summer.

Camp Card Program Tips & Techniques:

Where and how Scouts sell Camp Cards is really only limited by the imagination.  Scouts have sold in all sorts of locations.  Brainstorm some ideas with your leaders and Scouts, using the list below to get started!

After Church Door to Door Parent’s Workplace Gas Station Sports Events Unit Blitz Events Neighbors Public Transit Stops/Stations Home Improvement Stores Pharmacies Convenience Stores Department Stores “Big Box” Stores Diners & Restaurants Grocery Stores

The packs, troops, crews and posts that have been the most successful in the Camp Card Program used the following best practices for managing their sale:

  • Use spreadsheets and tools we will make available to track the cards issued to and returned by each of your Scouts
  • Have each Scout set a goal and relate it to their summer camp costs. Use visual charts to track each Scouts’ progress and inspire competition.
  • Set unit camp card calendar with distribution dates, unit sale events, and date for Scouts to return cards and money to the Unit Coordinator.
  • Check in weekly with all Scouts by collecting money for sold cards and issuing/moving cards as necessary. Keep track of the unit’s overall progress including cards sold and cards with each Scout.

How to Get Started:

We are in the final negotiations with partner vendors to secure all the offers and will share those with you just as soon as all the details are finalized.  While several other Councils in our area have been offering the Camp Card Program for several years, this is something new to the Washington Crossing Council and we believe this might be a good opportunity for your unit and wanted to share the information with you before we mass market it throughout the council. 

Because this is our first year with the Camp Card Program, we will only be offering a limited number of cards so those units completing the survey will be given top priority to join the sale and will be first to receive cards should demand be greater than supply available.

We look forward to helping your unit raise some much-needed funds and give your Scouts the opportunity to earn money toward their trip to Scout Camp this summer.  We are sure that you will not be disappointed with the offers available and the money your Scouts can earn.


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