Unit Accident and Sickness Insurance Coverage Increase
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Unit Accident and Sickness Insurance Coverage Increase


May 31, 2017

To:      Chartered Organization Representatives – Washington Crossing Council, BSA
            Committee Chairman – Washington Crossing Council, BSA
            Unit Leaders – Washington Crossing Council, BSA

From: Magne Gundersen – Scout Executive/CEO 
After careful review and consideration of the BSA Council Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, the Washington Crossing Council Executive Board has issued a $1.00 increase effective January 1, 2018. This is our first increase since 2012. The BSA accident and sickeness fees are only collected during the rechartering process. Units are not eligible to prepay the current $1 premium.

This fee increase brings the coverage cost to $2.00 per youth member, unit leader, Tiger adult partner, Lion adult partner, and non-unit registrants. All fees will be collected during the 2018 annual charter renewal process beginning in November 2017. 

Units are still eligible to receive a waiver per participant when they meet the Washington Crossing Council’s Friends of Scouting incentive plan.
Yours in Scouting,  
Magne G. Gundersen
Washington Crossing Council
Scout Executive & CEO

About the BSA Council Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan
The BSA Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan provides coverage for Scouts and Scouters for medical expense reimbursement in case of death, accident or sickness within the policy amounts, when participating in official scouting activities or events that follow the official BSA health and safety policies and procedures. The accident and sickness plan provides limited financial protection for the cost of unexpected medical expenses.


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