2014 Lenape District Goldrush (303)
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Description: 2014 Lenape District Goldrush (303)
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Registration Begins: 1/14/2014
Last Day to Register: 3/20/2014
Late fee: After 3/15/2014 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.
Contact E-mail: sean.friedland@scouting.org
Cost: $3.00 per Lunch Ticket
$3.00 per per extra Patch
$8.00 per Scout

Gold Rush

General Description



Theme:           The theme for this event is based upon the Great California Gold Rush.  The format is very similar to the Boy Scout Klondike Derby. 


Purpose:         The purpose of this event is to allow the Cub Scouts to “show their stuff” and have a good-natured competition to review the skills that they have learned over the previous Scouting year.


Date:               Saturday, March 22, 2014


Rain Date:      Saturday, April 5, 2014


Time:              8AM to 3PM  SAMPLE SCHEDULE, Actual schedule will be distributed the morning of the event

·         8-9:30                    Set Up

·         9:30 to 10:00         Registration

·         10:00 to 10:10       Opening Ceremony

·         10:10 to 2:00         Gold Rush !!!

·         2:00 to 2:30           Lunch (This year lunch is included with registration)

·         2:00 to 2:30           Tally & Awards

·         2:30 to 3:00           Clean-up


Location:        Moravian Tile Works, 152 Swamp Road (Rt313), Doylestown, PA



·         Patch for each participant

·         1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons for the best expedition teams (most nuggets)

·         Ribbon for most original Connestoga wagon

·         Ribbon for most theme-oriented town

·         Ribbon for most fun town



General Description:

Packs may enter any number of “expedition teams” comprised of between 6 and 12 Cub Scouts.  We would suggest not having Dens compete together, but rather to have each team be a cross-section of Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos.  However, Dens wishing to compete as a unit are certainly welcome.  Each expedition team will prepare their own “Connestoga Wagon” and must be accompanied by at least 2 adults from their Pack throughout the event.  These wagons could be built from scratch, or might simply be “little red wagons” that have been “dressed up” to resemble real Connestoga wagons.


Each “expedition team” will be given an expedition map to guide them to a number of California towns - each run by a “Mayor” and their staff.  At each town, a certain Cub Scout skill will be tested to see how much the boys have learned and retained throughout the year.  Based upon their performance, they will be awarded a “claim” of “gold nuggets.”



Pack Involvement:

Each Pack that participates will be asked to host 1 “town” which will be governed by a “Mayor.”  Perhaps this is the time to enlist the help of some of the parents in your Pack that want to get involved but are not able to commit to a position in your Pack that lasts the whole year.  The town will be assigned a general “theme” emphasizing a Cub Scout skill that should have been experienced during the past year.  As much as possible, we will try to accommodate your choice of themes (see the accompanying application form for more details).  Each Pack hosting a town will be responsible to develop a program that will “test” the Scouts (appropriate to their rank) in a skill involving the theme.  They will award each expedition a “claim” of between 1 and 5 “gold nuggets” (supplied) based upon their performance.  Obviously, most rewards should be kept between 2 and 4 nuggets per expedition team.  “Claims” of 5 nuggets should be reserved for those expeditions demonstrating superior knowledge and skill.  1 nugget should rarely be awarded, and only in those cases where the Scouts show little, if any, knowledge of the skill being emphasized.  Remember - the ultimate goal here is for the Scouts to have fun.  Yes, it is a competition, but in a good-natured way. 


These towns should be made as theme-oriented as possible.  This includes the dress of the people hosting the town, as well as any signs and/or props that are used.  You might want to consider setting up a tent or tarp as well.  Remember that the Pack having the most theme-oriented town will be awarded a ribbon.


Each Pack is responsible for providing all materials that will be necessary for the program they are hosting.  Please remember that this event has increased in size each of the last three years that it has been run so it is quite likely that there will be more than one expedition team at your town at the same time.


Further Information:

If you have questions that cannot be adequately answered by someone at the Council Office, please contact the “US Marshal” in charge of the event:


John Kenderdine

Home: 215 345 1577

Cell: 215 416 8256

Email: jojoa@voicenet.com   



I appreciate every Unit participating by hosting a town.  However, if you commit to the March 22, 2014 date, I also need you to stick with me for the rain date of April 5, 2014.  


Cancellation Policy: No refunds
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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Sean Friedland

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