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Registration Begins: 12/14/2012
Last Day to Register: 1/25/2013
Early Discount: Before 12/31/2012 a discount of $1.00 will apply to all Adult Registrants.
Before 12/31/2012 a discount of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.
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After 1/19/2013 a fee of $3.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.
Contact E-mail: sean.friedland@scouting.org
Cost: $3.00 per Adult
$5.00 per Scout



To All Lenape District Scouts and Scouters:

In 1897, the ‘Cry of Gold’ sent over 10,000 men on a mad dash across the Alaskan wilderness to an area in the

Yukon Territory in Canada, known as the Klondike. The long trek through forest, over mountains, and across

rivers was a real test of man and beast, not only of each man’s strength but also of his wilderness skills, his

determination and his ability to work with others as a team. Of the total number who started, only 2,000 made it

to the Klondike area and only a few of these stayed long enough to strike it rich.


Klondike Derby gives us, as Scouts, a chance to experience the trials and tribulations on the Klondike

Trail. As a patrol, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate some of the skills and team work that made the

1898 Yukon Gold rush a colorful part of American history.

In addition to being fun, this event should be a learning experience. We are encouraging Scouts and Webelos

Scouts to use the

Scout Handbook as a resource, where appropriate. We hope to capture some real flavor of

the Klondike. Try to emphasize the hardship men faced and the importance of

being prepared.

Welcome to the

2013 Klondike Derby. We sincerely hope each unit will participate in this great annual event.

The attached program has been prepared to provide you with basic information necessary to complete your

registration and the Rules and Regulations, which will govern the conduct of the event on Derby Day. You will

note the material is very vague on actual programs and data; it does not speak directly to the nature of the field

problems. This emphasizes the importance of

being prepared without knowing exactly what will happen. We

request that all “Mayors” of Klondike stations be fair to all Scouts by consistent scoring, elimination of value

judgments, and not discussing the problems before the event.

To all units, Scouts and Scouters who plan to help or participate, we extend our thanks. Remember, we do it all

for you, the

finest Scouts and Scouters in the world. Without you, there would not be a Klondike Derby or a

reason to have one.

Have a great derby and good luck!


Lenape District Klondike Derby Staff

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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Sean Friedland

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