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Information for Ordeal Candidates

Updated 1/29/2015

Congratulations!  Your election to the Order of the Arrow is a significant one.  Your fellow Scouts have seen you uphold the highest ideals of Scouting, and have selected you to become a member of Scouting's National Honor Society.

On this page, you'll find information about the next step you'll take in the Order: the Ordeal Weekend.  Throughout the remainder of this page, Scouts that have been elected for membership (or Scouters that have been nominated for membership and their nomination approved by the Lodge Adult Selection Committee) in the Order of the Arrow but have not yet completed the Ordeal weekend are referred to as Ordeal candidates.

General Information

In order to become a member of the Order of the Arrow, Ordeal candidates must complete an Ordeal weekend.  Ajapeu Lodge 2 has three different Ordeal weekends scheduled: the April Ordeal Weekend (April 17-19, 2015), the Spring Ordeal Weekend (May 15-17, 2015), and the Fall Ordeal Weekend (August 21-23, 2015).  Ordeal candidates must complete an Ordeal within one year of the date of their election, and must be completed at a weekend offered by Ajapeu Lodge 2.

All weekends are held at Ockanickon Scout Reservation (5787 State Park Road, Pipersville PA 18947).  Check-in will be held outside of the Welcome Center at Ockanickon Scout Reservation, and will be conducted by chapter.

Note: A chapter is the OA term for a district.  For most districts, your district name is also your chapter name (Playwicki District/Chapter, Lenape District/Chapter, etc.).  If your unit belongs to the Mercer Area District, you are in the Sanhican Chapter.  If your unit belongs to the Hunterdon Arrowhead District, you belong to Pahaquarra Chapter.  If you are unsure what district you belong to, please check with your unit leader.


The Ordeal weekend begins with a call-out dinner at Foster Dining Hall.  The call-out dinner, which begins at 6:30 PM on Friday night, is open to parents of Ordeal candidates and is followed by a call-out ceremony.

Saturday focuses on completing service projects for the camp.  Details about the work projects can be found on the registration pages.  The Ordeal ceremony rounds out Saturday night and is where Ordeal candidates will receive their sashes.

Sunday's big event is a lodge business meeting, where updates are provided to the lodge membership.


Registration for Ordeal Weekends is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Ordeal candidates may register at any time to complete their Ordeal at a weekend convenient to their schedules.  Please note: we have limited spaces for each weekend for Ordeal candidates.  Once the limit is reached, no further Ordeal candidate registrations may be taken for that weekend.  Ordeal candidates will need to register for a different weekend at that point.  Ordeal registration is online only.  Paper registrations are not accepted except under highly unusual circumstances.

You can register for the Ordeal Weekend of your choosing beginning March 1, 2015 at the following links:

April Ordeal Weekend Registration
Spring Ordeal Weekend Registration
Fall Ordeal Weekend Registration

The standard registration fee for the Ordeal weekend is $60.  Registration fees are discounted for those that sign up by the posted deadline; the discounted fee is $50.  If there is a financial issue that affects your ability to pay for the weekend, please contact Lodge Staff Adviser Thomas Guertin at thomas.guertin@scouting.org.  Payment does not have to be made online, however, you must fill out the registration form by the posted discount deadline to receive the discounted rate.  Payment may be made at the door by selecting "offline payment" at checkout.

During the course of registration, you will be asked if you would like to register additional attendees for the call-out dinner.  The cost for people attending the call-out dinner (and the subsequent call-out ceremony) is $5 per person.  These people will be dismissed immediately following the call-out ceremony (around 8 PM).

What to Bring

Ordeal candidates need to pack two packs.  The first pack will contain everything you will need for Friday night, and should contain the following:

  • Sleeping Bag & Ground Cloth
  • Toiletries / medications
  • Bug repellant
  • Work Clothes & Work Gloves!!
  • Pocket Knife
  • 3 foot piece of kite string
  • 8’x10’ tarp (or heavy plastic sheet) to be used as a shelter in case of rain
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Rain gear

The second pack should contain other items needed for a weekend camping trip.  Note that you will not be able to retrieve items from this pack until Saturday after breakfast.  Your Scout uniform should be packed in this second pack.  Do not arrive in your Scout uniform; you will not need it for Friday night.

Additional Questions

For the answers to most questions, please visit our FAQ page.

If your question is not answered here, please email Lodge Adviser Mike Shavel at mshavel@verizon.net.

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