Centennial Flap Design Competition

WHO: Any currently registered member of Ajapeu Lodge 2, Order of the Arrow

WHAT: Design the official centennial lodge flap of Ajapeu Lodge 2

HOW: Using this downloadable flap template, design a flap and email it to ajapeupatchcontest@gmail.com with your name, chapter name, and date of birth

DEADLINE: April 16, 2015, 11:59:59 PM


  • The following design elements must exist on the flap:
    • Lodge Name: "Ajapeu Lodge 2" or "Ajapeu 2" (Use of the lodge totem, a buck, is optional)
    • OA indicia: the letters "WWW" (these letters may be separated, as per this example from lodge history)
    • Boy Scouts of America indicia: either a fleur-de-lis or the letters "BSA"
    • Centennial indicia: the Centennial Totem
      • Designs of the Centennial Totem ready to be inserted into a computer graphic design program, such as Adobe Photoshop, can be downloaded from the national Order of the Arrow website
  • Ghosting the above designs on the flap is permissible
    • "Ghosting" refers to making a particular design element the same color as the background -- for an example of ghosting, see this example from Ajapeu Lodge 33's history (the text "Ajapeu 33" and the fleur-de-lis are ghosted) or this example from Sakuwit Lodge 2's history (the number 2 and the raccoon are ghosted)
    • Exception: National design policies prohibit ghosting or otherwise altering the Centennial Totem
  • Chapter designations on the flap are not permissible
  • The use of non-BSA trademarks, registered logos, and/or copyrighted phrases or images is prohibited
  • The Ajapeu Lodge 2 Executive Committee reserves the right to alter designs to make them compliant with BSA standards and based on recommendations of the patch embroidering company.

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