TOH/HAD Camporee

Pioneering Pride

Show off your troop's true pioneering skills at the TOH-HAD Camporee based on pioneering merit badge. 


Nothing better than good old fashioned troop competition!!!!


Field style camping - all cooking off ground; Leave No Trace



Saturday Afternoon Stations:

1) Individual (Patrol) Lashings (Completed during siesta - Buddy pairs in troop campsite, judge during campsite review - Merit Badge Req 3)
2) Rope Splicing  (demo only, no judging - Merit Badge Req 5) After demo, scouts given time to practice their Eye Splice
3) Rope Making (judged by Patrol for time & quality - Merit Badge Req 6)
4) Rope Whipping (subjective judging by quality)
5) 2-person Saw (judge by Patrol for time) 
6) Orienteering Course (Buddy pairs - 1mi to meet 1st class req, no judging)
7) Shooting sports - Hatchet Throw (for fun only, no judging) 
8) Open Fishing (Not supervised by organizers. Troop must provide adult supervision for their youth)

This makes for 4 judged stations that each patrol would need to visit. Allows for 45 minutes per station including travel time. Likely 30 minutes of active time.


Judging Rubric:

Troop Lashed Structure - 100 pts - Complexity, Quality, Usefulness, Creativity (Max Deck Height is less than 6 foot)
Patrol Small Lashings - 25 pts - Quality and Creativity
Rope Making - 25 pts - Time and Quality
Rope Whipping - 25 pts - Quality
2-Person Saw - 25 pts - Time
Cooking - 100 pts - Use of Pioneering methods, Creativity, Taste, Teamwork
Campsite - 100 pts - Cleanliness, Required Components, Layout
For Patrol activities, the Troop score will be an average of its Patrols.


Registration Fees:

$15/youth & $12/adult on or before May 3rd
$20/youth & $17/adult May 4th-May 10th
$3/additional patches*
*$10 minimum transaction; Please do not have a transaction that is only a purchase of 3 patches or less.

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